I'm a Unity/C# developer and IT professional, seeking a remote position in a collaborative environment, developing 2D, 3D, mobile, VR and other interactive experiences. I have a passion for staying current with the latest technology and acquiring new knowledge.

VR XR Immersive tech enthusiast.

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Unity Developer

  • 4 Week VR Game Developer Boot Camp March 2021

  • Built a Space Cadet VR Interactable Experience

  • Extended Oculus Integration Package/OVR

  • Used Abstract Classes

  • Wrote performant code and game play systems from scratch

  • Built modular and event-driven systems

  • Made use of Cinemachine dolly tracks and controlled them through code and Timeline

Unity Developer

  • 8 Week Game Developer Boot Camp June 2020

    • Wrote performant code and game play systems from scratch

    • Worked with variety of 2D and 3D game assets

    • Blended animations using the animation system

    • Developed custom editor tools

    • Built modular and event-driven systems

    • Worked in a fast-paced, collaborative environment

951 Repairs

June 2009 - Present

IT Professional

  • Evaluation of functionality and performance of consumer electronics

  • Perform hardware and software repairs

  • Client communications

  • Responsible for generating key metric reports

  • Responsible for quality control


Code: C#

Software: Unity, Git, Sourcetree, Windows OS, Mac OS, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Android, iOS


    • GameDevHQ VR Intensive Training Program February 2021 - March 2021

VR Game Developer Certification

    • GameDevHQ Intensive Training Program June 2020 - August 2020

    • Game Developer Certification

    • Unity C# Survival Guide – GameDevHQ November 2019

    • Stealth Game & Cinematography – GameDevHQ March 2019

    • Git Crash Course – GameDevHQ January 2019

    • 2D Game Development – GameDevHQ January 2019

    • Unity Technologies, Jonathan Weinberger,

      • The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019

      • The Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development with Unity

    • GUI-47 Career Exploration– Riverside Community College 2003

Continuing Education:

  • VR/XR development (Targeting Oculus Quest at the moment)